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My name is Austin Taylor and I'm 20 years old. I am from summerfield north Carolina I have always loved the outdoors hunting, fishing, shooting but hunting was definitely my favorite I took my first deer with a bow at the age of 14 an have been hooked on bow hunting ever since. The outdoors is my escape from the everyday world.

My names Josh Ludlow. 24 yrs old. Grew up in northeastern Ohio. I credit my uncle for introducing me to the outdoors. Been in the woods since 1999. They say everyone has their "specialties" when it comes to certain game, well I'd say mine is actually waterfowl hunting not deer hunting. Put birds in the air above us, next thing you know theyll be in your face.  Im kind of a photo-fanatic. If it presents a good shot, you better believe I'll be taking it in more way than one.


Hey there, my name is Aspen. I'm 22 years old from Sylvan Grove, KS and I've been hunting and fishing for as long as I can remember. I begged my dad to let me take hunter's education class and was one of the youngest that my instructor had ever accepted.  I had always enjoyed deer hunting with a rifle, but trying time to come home from college in the 10 days we have for buck season was becoming stressful, so I persuaded myself to buy a bow. I've been bowhunting a year and I absolutely love it! I also enjoy archery competitions, deer rifle hunting, fishing, and dove hunting. No matter what season it is or weapon I'm using I am just grateful that God has given me the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.


My name is Heather Taylor and I live in Rockingham County. I grew up in North Carolina as well as Florida. I have three amazing children that all enjoy hunting and fishing. I am employed by a Dental practice running the Front office.
I grew up with a family that has always been big hunters and over the past couple of years I have gotten involved in Deer Hunting. I killed my first Buck this season and now I am addicted.
I also enjoy salt water fishing and spending time at the beach with my family.
I want to share my adventures and knowledge to help promote hunting with more women and let them know it is not just for men! And pass on the hunting tradition to youth as well!